The sum of ROOCK’s victories in motorsport is impressive.  The racing team from Leverkusen/Germany won more than 40 victories and five championship titles – including the FIA GT2 World Championship 1997 . The world famous “24 Hours of Le Mans” (1996) and the “24 Hours of Daytona” (1997 and 1999) are undoubtedly one of the highlights of the company’s history. The list of racing drivers for ROOCK Racing also reads like the who-is-who of international racing and includes as many as twelve Grand Prix drivers, including, for example, Allan McNish, Pedro Lamy, Jochen Maas and Karl Wendlinger.

Roock Racing Track Record

14 Years of Winning

ROOCK Racing was Europe’s most successful Porsche customer racing team with World Championship, Le Mans and Daytona victories.

Started in 1990, ROOCK Racing captured championships worldwide, and is recognized as the industry leader in Porsche racing preparation.

Roock Racing Drivers

Ni Amorim

Wolfgang Land

Jean Claude Lagnier

Michelle Ligonet

Juergen Lorenz

Jochem Maas

Sascha Maassen

Guy Martinolle

Mike Hezemans

John Robinson

Huge Price

Uwe Alzen

Emerson Fittipaldi

Mike Fitzgerald

Chris Gleason

Earl Goddart

Patrice Goueslard

Hubert Haupt

Mel Hawkins

Francois Lafon

Jan Lammers

Pedro Lamy

Andre Ahrle

Enzo Calderari

Pedro Chaves

Emanuelle Collard

Ugo Colombo

Yannick Dallmas

Steven Eaerl

Bruno Eichmann

Michael Eschmann

Rick Fairbanks

Christian Fittipaldi

Max Angelelli

Michael Bartels

Willi Bergmeister

Manuel Breyner

Pedro Breyner

Thomaz Breyner

Zak Brown

Lilian Bryner

Max Bobach

Stefano Buttiero

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